New Jersey's 43rd Floor "Super Wide Angle" Overlooking The Manhattan Skyline And The Statue Of Liberty

New Jersey's 43rd Floor "Super Wide Angle" Overlooking The Manhattan Skyline And The Statue Of Liberty

88 Morgan St Apt 4305

Rare in the New Jersey area, this 1486 sq. ft. oversized two-bedroom with a sweeping Manhattan skyline and stunning river views is what a dream home looks like!
The Hudson River at sunrise, the Statue of Liberty at sunset, Midtown and Lower Manhattan at night, these views are concentrated in this oversized luxury two-bedroom on the 43rd floor. The rare east and south two-way exposure allows you to walk with the light every day, Blowing the sea breeze, looking at the glittering Manhattan on the other side, enjoy the beauty of life.
Located on the 43rd floor of the 88 Morgan luxury condominium, this 1,486-square-foot oversized two-bedroom has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The apartment is square, making the most of every space, and visually makes the room more transparent. The master bedroom can no longer be described as simply "big". This super-large master bedroom, at a glance, is full of windows, and outside the windows is the invincible view of the Hudson River, New York City, and New Jersey. Residents with children or those looking to have a study/cloakroom can easily convert it into a three-bedroom, just for the money! Here, you can find an extremely comfortable, relaxing, and inspiring place for everyone working and studying from home!
The oversized glass window design of each room allows the warm sun to penetrate into every corner of the house, and the air is filled with the lazy and mellow aroma of sunshine, which makes the residents who have been running around for a day feel warm and comfortable.
There are multiple storage spaces in the interior, and the oversized walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom meets the needs of residents for a refined life. Well-maintained hardwood floors give the whole house a new look. Brand new electrical appliances, so you no longer have to worry about the aging of electrical appliances.
Both bathrooms have walk-in showers, the master bathroom has dual vanities, and in addition to the walk-in shower, there is a brand new bathtub for you to choose from.
The 88 Morgan building features a fitness center, children's play area, virtual golf room, private billiards and games room, as well as a sauna and steam room, and of course, a heated outdoor swimming pool, allowing you to keep entertaining at home. The 24-hour doorman is responsible for security work such as visitor registration and building monitoring to fully ensure the life safety of residents. Downstairs CVS, CycleBar, and Maggie's Farm Espresso can meet all your living needs without leaving home.
The building is located in the center of Jersey, across the river from Manhattan. It is not only close to the most prosperous and noisy center of the world but also has its own cozy little world. The surrounding restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, art galleries, etc. are the epitome of New York life, and the style and charm it exudes are unmatched in New York City. The collision of diverse cultures and the plank road park next to the river make Jersey City the back garden of New York and the most unique existence in the entire New Jersey.
Compared with the sleepless nights on the Isle of Man, 88 Morgan is located in a quiet and comfortable residential area with complete facilities. It has a good educational environment and is very suitable for families to live in. It is both residential and investment. There are not only beautiful seaside parks, children's playgrounds, basketball courts, churches, dog parks, etc. There are also quality public school districts, and PS16 is just two blocks away. Plus, Whole Foods Market is about to open a block away, so organic food lovers shouldn’t miss it! And the recently popular Smorgasburg Snack Market opened at the door of 88 Morgan. This is the first time that Smorgasburg has been held in Jersey City. You don’t have to go to the island, you can have a food carnival in minutes!
Residents who live here can choose either the Grove Street Path station or the Exchange Place Path station to go to the island. In addition to the Path station, it is a five-minute walk to the ferry station, which is one stop to Manhattan. And taking the ferry can also reduce time consumption, have no traffic jams, fewer passengers, good air, and a view of the Hudson River, which is simply the best way to travel during the epidemic. In addition, the light rail reaches the whole city of Jersey, and the bus and bus are smooth and convenient. The four-in-one bus system seamlessly connects New Jersey and Manhattan. About 1 mile from the Holland Tunnel, 4.4 miles from the Lincoln Tunnel, quick access to major highway systems, and about 1.24 miles from the nearest Route 78.
88 Morgan St Apt 4706, Jersey City, NJ 07302. Although life is busy, don't miss the sunrise and sunset over Manhattan and the Hudson! Don't miss such a "home" that combines practicality and beauty!

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